About County Board Info

County Board Info is your online source for information about St. Clair County Government.

Each month, the packet provided to each County Board Member will be scanned and uploaded for everyone to see.  This is designed to enhance government transparency and inform the residents of St. Clair County about what their representatives are doing.

Each month, the following documents will be uploaded for everyone to see…

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Information about each agenda item
  • Auditors Report
  • Meeting minutes to be approved
  • Any other documents provided to the County Board in their monthly packet

Additionally, articles related to St. Clair County Government will also be posted at this site.

The County Board meets on the last Monday of each month on the fifth floor of the St. Clair County Courthouse at 7:30 pm.

This website is not sanctioned by, affiliated with, or approved by St. Clair County Government or the County Board.